Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation & Repair

You may not think about maintaining your sump pumps until you find yourself in a basement flooded by heavy rains. Avoid costly water damage by taking proactive steps to ensure that your sump pump is working properly and help with your home drainage.

It is a smart decision to hire a professional sump pump installation. P&S Plumbing’s expert staff will help you choose the best unit for you and ensure you pay a fair price.

Installing A Sump Pump In Your Home

P&S Plumbing can install a sump pump to help with drainage and keep your home dry. Your home’s hydrostatic pressure can also be reduced by sump pumps. Simply put, the pressure created by moisture buildup around your home pushes water through tiny cracks in your foundation.

It is more likely that clay soils around your home will drain water slower than other soils. A sump basin is necessary to collect excess water from the ground surrounding your foundation to prevent it from building up. This system can also be used to prevent the infiltration of corrosive gas into your home.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps typically require very little maintenance. They should still be checked and tested at the very least once a calendar year to ensure their safety. Avoiding routine maintenance will make you a disaster in the event of a flood. Routine maintenance is less expensive than water damage. Your home will remain dry and secure during heavy rains.

P&S Plumbing is an expert in routine sump pump maintenance. If we find any problems during inspections, we can be fully trained and licensed to provide quality repairs and recommendations at a reasonable price.

Signs that your sump pump may need to be replaced or repaired

You may need a sump pump repair, replacement, or both if you have any of these signs.

Frequent on-and-off cycles:
Your sump pump may be causing too many on/off cycles. This could indicate that your water basin is not large enough to meet your household’s needs. Sometimes, the sump pump will shut off and on too often. This can be fixed by simply adjusting the float switch to a lower level. No matter what the problem is, it causes excessive wear and tear on the motor. This should be addressed immediately.

Loud noises:
It’s normal for the fan to make a few humming sounds and a few thumps when it kicks in. However, unusual sounds can indicate a problem. This could be a rattling or rumbling sound that indicates a problem with the fan or a damaged motor component.

Simply not working:
The float switch could be stuck. As a result, the sump pump will not turn on.

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We don’t just talk about customer service, we work every day to win the trust of our clients. From showing up when we say we will, giving fair and honest price quotes, and leaving your property clean and tidy when we’re done, the P & S Plumbing team will stand behind our work and provide you with quality plumbing services–day or night–for your property in Hawaii.

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Professional Sump Pump Services

Flooding can be an issue in homes that don’t have adequate drainage or those with low water tables. This is especially true when there has been heavy rainfall. The buildup of water in a home can cause structural damage and even lead to the development of harmful bacteria. Your best defense against flooding is a functioning sump pump. For immediate sump pump repair and replacement.

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Customer Reviews

Richard Bond
June 27, 2024

I have used P&S Plumbing 6 times now. They have installed an outdoor shower for me, fixed numerous toilets for me at various properties, and repaired my sewer line in an emergency. I would not use anyone else! They have been very professional. They send out employees that know their job. The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable, and I always get a very fair price! They sure take the stress off plumbing issues!

Donovan Hegarty
June 23, 2024

Well, I definitely had a situation. I heard a slow drip sound near the single handle shower faucet. At first, I didn’t see any water or drips in the tub, but still heard a dripping sound. I opened up the round back plate to the diverter valve and seen a slow drip coming from the small copper piece to the brass diverter. I immediately called P&S Plumbing and spoke with “Gary” and he was SUPER Helpful, explaining to me that he exactly knew the problem and he fixes these a lot, due to the older design. He then told me to call the office to schedule something as soon as possible. I then spoke with “Jeff” who took down all my information and stated he can have plumbers come out the next day to get the leak fixed. I was over the moon! Plumbers, “Corey” and “Kawika” came out and replaced the old 4 way diverter valve with a new one in just about an hour tops! Nowww…No Leaks Whatsoever! ”Corey & Kawika” did an OUTSTANDING, PROFESSIONAL, TOP NOTCH Job! P&S Plumbing comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! Don’t hesitate to call them with any of your plumbing needs!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH P&S PLUMBING!!!!!!

Johan Kloppers
May 20, 2024

Imagine the horror when your fire hydrant fails at 1am and the resultant back pressure blows every single main water line to half your property. Water starts boiling out of the ground everywhere and you quickly go into a bit of panic mode. I got hold of Gary, the owner at P&S Plumbing, sent him a few vidoes and pictures and by 3 am he had a crew together at my property in Kona and promptly started fixing the issues. By 6am he had more crew from Hilo, and they were at my property for 4 full days!!! They never let up.....they never complained.....they just got on with the job. It is obvious there is a lot of mutual respect between Gary and his team. They are extremely skilled at what they do and with a healthy dose of good humoured banter every team member knows instinctively what their roles are. Thank you Gary and everybody that was involved in fixing this major failure event. Don't waste your time calling anybody else. Call Gary at P&S Plumbing. I know I will.

Erin McGarvey
April 7, 2024

Great, guys! Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and clean.

Obakhan Jones
March 30, 2024

All around great guys. I worked for them and highly admire the way Gary treats his customers and his employees. The best on the Big island possibly all of Hawaii.

Lisa Longley
March 14, 2024

Thank you P&S Plumbing! Gary and crew are dependable, fair and do a great job - no matter how big or small the job. Our one and only go to plumber.

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