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Leakages are inevitable, but P&S Plumbing’s leak detection system will let you know before they get worse and lead to costly surprises. You can get instant leak alerts as well as high-resolution information about your entire property, indoors and out. A Leak detection system along with our expert plumbers in Kona gives you information that your water bill can’t.

Leak Detection Services

Find Leaks Fast

Discover leaks when they happen in your irrigation, pool, and home.

Reduce Water Bill

Reduce your water bill significantly through water awareness alerts

Conserve Water & Energy

Understand your water usage habits to save water, energy, and the planet

How does the Leak Detection System work?

Our remote water monitoring system and leak detection device provide water consumption information and alerts sent directly to your email or phone. This technology helps protect your entire property from potential damage through the early detection of leaks.

Real-time leak detection: Monitors water movements remotely around the clock and alerts users of leaks or drips.

Water awareness: This allows users to recognize and interact with water habits and usage that is often overlooked.

Property protection: The water meter monitors every drop of water that gets onto your property to ensure it is leak-free

How does the Leak Detection System work?

This device can be used with any magnetically driven water meter. Once you have downloaded the app, attach the sensor to the antenna, and activate the device, you will be good to go.

  • Retrofit design
  • Weather-proof
  • Battery-powered
  • Cellular connectivity

Hardware Specifications

Battery Life2 years
Cellular RSSI-105db AT&T Service
Temperature10F to 150F
Weight1.5 lbs
Antenna Cable66 inches
Sensor Cable36 inches

The P & S Difference

We don’t just talk about customer service, we work every day to win the trust of our clients. From showing up when we say we will, giving fair and honest price quotes, and leaving your property clean and tidy when we’re done, the P & S Plumbing team will stand behind our work and provide you with quality plumbing services–day or night–for your property in Hawaii.

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Customer Reviews

Wenyuan Zhang
February 21, 2024

Highly recommended kona plumber! Aloha Wen

Tony Butindaro
January 17, 2024

The only plumbers we will use. Time and time again Gary and his crew come through for us. We run a 128 unit affordable housing complex in Kailua-Kona. The housing project is approx. 50 years old so plumbing issues are constant. Gary and the team just worked though the night to fix a collapsed sewer-line that affected 20 of our units. Luckily our tenants were only out of water for one night due to the tenacity of their work ethic. Don't search around for another plumber, just call these guys.

Sarah Gauron
January 10, 2024

Quick and reasonably priced service. Thank you!

Gary Perreira
January 4, 2024

I am the lead property manager for a Company that manages several multi-million dollar properties at Hualalai resort. P&S PLUMBING are our go to plumbing contractors! Their customer service, skilled plumbers, and all around professionalism are top-notch. They have come to the rescue for me countless times. If I could give them a million star review, I would absolutely do that!

Joe Brown
January 1, 2024

Very helpful and responsive team. They communicate well and don't talk down you. Friendly and efficient workers.

Kelly Anderson
November 24, 2023

Kona is lucky to have these guys! Such great service, a great crew and easy to work with.

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