A List of Residential Plumbing Services


In this article we will provide a list of residential plumbing services for reference. You can use the quick menu below to jump to sections for easy navagation.

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What is a Residential Plumbing Service?

Residential plumbing is a broad category that covers all aspects of home plumbing. The plumbing of a house includes drains as well water lines and heaters. As well as gas, slab, and sink leaks. For your home to function properly, it is critical that you hire an experienced residential plumber.

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What does Residential Plumbing usually cover?

What does residential plumbing consist of


Proper drainage is a major part of residential plumbing. Drain lines should be present in all bathrooms and kitchens. Even HVAC systems may have a condensate-drain line that connects directly to an exterior drain line or interior drain line.

If these drains become clogged, they can affect performance and signal a bigger problem. Although some small clogs may be easily cleared by homeowners, it is best to call licensed plumbers for more serious clogs.

Slab Leaks

Leakages under slab foundations are caused by leaks within the pressurized drinking water lines. Slab leaks are most commonly caused due to age or incorrect installation. Copper piping is subject to expansion and contraction as hot water passes through it. The pipe rubs against the foundation. These forces cause small pinhole leaks and wear in the pipe.

Warm floors, running water, and unexplained water around baseboards are common signs that a slab is leaking. A licensed plumber can diagnose and repair slab leaks if you see any of the signs.

Burst angle stops

Burst water shutoffs (angle blocks) are one of the most common causes of floods in homes. Angle stops are located at every toilet and sink. Each one can be individually shut down. They will wear out over time as they are exposed to pressure. Plumbers recommend that corrosion be checked monthly and that angel stops are changed every five to six years.

Running toilets

If the toilets are not checked, they can leak or run. A worn flapper is usually the cause of running toilets. It can be easily fixed for very little cost. If this doesn’t solve the problem call a plumber who you trust to diagnose it and fix it.

Broken fixtures

Over time, residential plumbing problems such as leaky or damaged fixtures can also occur. Most freshwater problems in plumbing are due to the wear on fixtures that results from constant pressure.

Water Pressure

Installing a working pressure regulator device is crucial because of the constant water pressure. It is common for the home to have a PSI greater than 50-80. It can cause water heater failures, leaks, and fixtures to burst, which can lead in turn to flooding.

To prevent this, pressure regulator devices are installed that adjust the pressure to the home before it comes in. For safety and performance, plumbers recommend setting the PSI at 75.

Water Heaters

Water heaters that heat hot water from tanks and tankless are available for both residential and commercial use. A tank is used to store water. To supply hot water when it is required, the water is heated within the tank.

Tankless water heaters supply hot water to your home for unlimited use. They require very little storage. This makes them smaller and more effective.


Gas line-related services, including installation, gas leak detection, repair, and maintenance, must be performed by licensed plumbers.

Any gas leaks discovered by homeowners should be addressed immediately. SDG&E has the right to lock out your natural-gas service if it is not repaired properly.


Your home’s freshwater delivery system includes the irrigation system. It delivers water indoors, and out. This system includes pipes, fixtures, and irrigation equipment such as sprinklers and plumbing pipes. A professional plumber can resolve some irrigation issues that fall under the category of residential plumbing.

Plumbing Maintenance

Annual plumber maintenance is an important part of preventative maintenance. Plumbers are trained to spot potential leaks and inspect drain lines.

Homeowners can avoid potential problems by inspecting their plumbing regularly and reducing the need to make costly repairs.

What is the Best Time to Call a Residential Plumber

  • If you find warm spots or unexplained water on your floor
  • You can still hear running water, even if fixtures aren’t being used
  • After safely leaving your home, you will smell gas.
  • If you have a persistent clogged drain or recurring clogged drainage
  • Leakage or running toilets and faucets
  • Wall heater repairs
  • To install, repair, and maintain tankless or tank-type water heaters
  • For annual plumbing maintenance

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